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Meggie Hodgson


Hi, my name is Meggie Hodgson. During my third and final year with Heart 4 Heart I hope to grow our chapter and continue the good work my predecessors have done. When I am not working on H4H you can find me in the library working on wrapping up my BSc with a major in Life Sciences and a minor in Computing. Other than the library you’ll find me at Cogro, the gym, or back home in Toronto. Next year I hope to be in dental school where I can continue to give back to the global community.

Jordan Pomerleau

Co-Marketing Director

Hello! My name is Jordan Pomerleau and I am from the small town of Uxbridge Ontario. I am a second year Nursing Student at Queen’s University, and I am hoping to further my studies by applying to Medical School after graduation. It was my interest in Biology and Chemistry, as well as a love of cardiac health, that lead me to pursue a career in the medical field; however, my passions have always revolved around helping people. Heart 4 Heart stood out to me because I am an advocate for supporting children who don’t have access to adequate healthcare. The organization itself is filled with such passionate members, and I am happy to be working alongside such a great team of individuals.

Tiffany Tsilker

Co-Conference Coordinator

Hi, my name is Tiffany Tsilker and I am from Woodbridge, Ontario. I am currently a third-year life science major and philosophy minor at Queen’s University. In my free time I enjoy horseback riding, going to the gym and hanging out with my friends! Apart from studying, I can also be found volunteering in the pediatric outpatient clinic at KGH, working with at-risk youth at a local elementary school with Kaleidoscope or hanging out with my buddy from Best Buddies. I have a huge passion for healthcare, as well as working with children, and I’m looking forward to combining these passions in order to help children with congenital heart disease receive life changing surgeries. This is my second year as part of the Heart 4 Heart executive team and my first year as one of the co-conference coordinators. Last year was the first year planning our conference and I am so excited to help turn this year’s conference visions into a reality!

Keziah Magor

Vice President

Hi, my name is Keziah Magor. This is my third year working with Heart 4 Heart, and I’m in my fourth year of studying Kinesiology at Queen’s University. I’m originally from Vancouver Island, B.C., and even though I miss the oceans and mountains, I’ve fallen in love with the culture and spirit of Queen’s and am proud to call it my new home. When I’m not hitting the gym or the books, I love advocating for marine life conservation, working as an Athletics and Rec Home Events staff member, and volunteering with special needs populations. In addition to my studies, I am an intern in the Strength and Conditioning Mini-Stream within the School of Health Studies and Kinesiology, which essentially means that I’m responsible for the planification and execution of a variety of Varsity sports teams lifting sessions. I joined Heart 4 Heart because helping children with congenital heart problems seemed like a no-brainer to me, and I have a huge heart for global equality regarding access to health care; everyone deserves appropriate and efficient treatment, especially these kids!

Art Vijayaratnam

Co-Marketing Director

Hi! My name is Art Vijayaratnam and I’m in my fifth and final year at Queen’s University. I’m a Political Studies major with a minor in Classical Studies. In my free time I enjoy painting and hanging out with my friends! After being a part of Heart 4 Heart for the past 2 years, I’m excited to make my final contribution to this chapter exceptional. Heart 4 Heart has been a rewarding experience for me to help children with congenital heart disease. My interest in public health work has led me to Heart 4 Heart and is a great way for me to get involved in a global cause for health care. 

Briana Golden

Co-Volunteer Director

Hello! My name is Briana Golden and I am from Burlington, Ontario. I am currently a third year student at Queen's University completing a major in Life Sciences and a minor in Psychology. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends, working out, and volunteering as much as possible. I was a volunteer with Heart 4 Heart last year, but this is my first year on the executive team and I am very excited to take on my new role as the Co-Volunteer Director! I look forward to continuing to work with Heart 4 Heart, because I am passionate about global equality, especially regarding access to healthcare.

Rachel Kim

Co-Volunteer Director

Hello! My name is Rachel Kim and I am from Toronto, Ontario.  I am currently a third year Life Sciences student at Queen’s University, and this is my second year as the Co-Volunteer Director for Heart 4 Heart. In my free time I enjoy working out, rewatching Smallville episodes, and hanging with friends! I got involved with Heart 4 Heart because I am passionate about advocating for children and working with people who share the same interest.  I am looking forward to another great year!

Mark Szendrey

Chief Financial Officer

Hello, my name is Mark Szendrey and I am from Whitby, Ontario. I am a 4th year life science student at Queen’s University specializing in cardiorespiratory stream. After I finish my bachelor’s degree I hope to go into Medicine or further my education in a master’s degree. Heart 4 Heart stood out to me as an organization I would be passionate about as I myself was born with congenital heart disease. The Heart4Heart team here at Queen’s University is extremely hard working and I am very proud of what we as a team has accomplished. This year I look forward to setting our fundraising goals even higher, and to once again organize an excellent conference just as we had done the previous year.

Eshwari Najappan

Co-Event Coordinator

Hi! My name is Eshwari Nanjappan and I am from Pickering, Ontario. Currently, I’m studying Life Sciences, and hope to pursue dentistry in the future. Apart from my interest in science, I enjoy drawing, baking, catching up with TV shows, and hanging out with my friends. Last year, I took a course about Global Health, and realized that I have a strong interest in advocating for health issues. I knew that I wanted to be more involved with health care at a community/global level, but I didn’t exactly know where to start. When I found out about Heart 4 Heart, I knew it was the perfect chance to pursue this interest and help advocate for children suffering from Congenital Heart Disease. I’m excited to join my fellow team members, in coming up with creative ways to fundraise for children requiring heart surgery. These surgeries are life-changing, and it’s incredible to be part of a team that strives to save lives. Heart 4 Heart is a one-of-a-kind council at Queen’s University, and I’m extremely happy to be part of such a passionate and enthusiastic team!

Darcie Wilson

3rd Year Representative

Hi, my name is Darcie Wilson and I am a 3rd year Life Student here at Queen's. I grew up in beautiful Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and am happy to call Queen's my home for the next few years. When my nose isn't in the books, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, watching old movies and playing basketball. Having worked with charitable organizations before, I can attest to the proud feeling in knowing that your own acts and efforts of kindness and benevolence have brought a service and a smile to a child and family in need. After experiencing the generosity and worthy mission of Heart 4 Heart as a volunteer in my first year, I am so happy to be able to continue working with such a great team to advocate for equal health care in less developed nations as an executive team member this year.

Rachael Iseman

Co-Conference Coordinator

Hi, my name is Rachael Iseman and I am from Vaughan, Ontario. I have the pleasure of being a second year life science student at Queen’s University.  Being in life sciences allows me to explore various subjects such as Anatomy, Organic Chemistry, and Physiology. In the future, I wish to continue to pursue my passion for medicine and science by attending Medical School. My interest in the sciences and my love for helping others has led me to pursue a career in the medical field, and it has led me to join the Heart 4 Heart community. Heart 4 Heart shares my values when it comes to helping those in need through health care and that is why I am fortunate enough to be one of the two Conference Coordinators this year. I look forward to making a difference and to a great year ahead!

Madeline Robinson

Co-Event Coordinator

Hello! My name is Madeline and this is my third year working with Heart 4 Heart. I am currently a fourth-year student at Queen’s University studying Life Sciences with a specialization in microbiology. Although I am originally from Winnipeg, I have grown to call Kingston home and couldn’t imagine attending another university. When not in the lab or library, I enjoy hanging out with friends, rowing, or reading with a cup of good coffee in-hand. I hope to continue my studies with a Master’s in Neuroimmunology next year and hope to attend medical school in the future. I am passionate about health care; I strongly believe in accessible medical care for all so Heart 4 Heart and its important work seemed like a great fit. I couldn’t be happier with what the Queen’s Chapter has done so far and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish this year!

Jade Tang

Co-Fundraising Director

Hi! My name is Jade Tang and I am from Ajax, Ontario. I am currently in my 2nd year of Commerce and hope to pursue a career in either Accounting or Consulting. During my free time, you’ll either catch me binge watching The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, or cheering on the Leafs. Aside from shows, I’m also a music fanatic whether it is playing the piano or listening to throwbacks. I stumbled upon Heart 4 Heart through a Facebook post and thought it was an interesting organization to join as I’ve had minimal experience with charity work. Over the years, I’ve developed a passion for volunteering and giving back to the community and thought this would be a great opportunity to not only raise money, but also raise awareness for children who were born with Congenital Heart Disease. Personally, I didn’t know about CHD until I did some research on the H4H charity, and because of this, I decided to join this club so that others who are not in the science or health field would be more aware of this birth defect. I’m looking forward to being on this team and working with everyone in the Queen’s Chapters!

Blair McCullough


Hi, my name is Blair McCullough and I am a 3rd year Biochemistry student here at Queen’s. I call Ottawa home, but really the Kingston community shares the same love I have for Ottawa. You can typically find me at my desk memorizing the amino acids, or out at the gym getting my daily dose of exercise. When I think of children with congenital heart disease and how some of them aren’t fortunate enough to fund their surgery, my heart immediately sinks. I am passionate about equality when it comes to health care and medication therefore I believe every child should have the chance for a proper surgery to fix the heart defect. The topic of heart abnormalities hits close to home as I grew up with a sister who has a heart abnormality due to a genetic mutation she was born with. I would love nothing more than to help these kids during their journey with congenital heart disease. I am extremely excited to be working with this group of people this year and look forward to my first year with H4H. I believe it is a great way for me to get more involved with my peers and with health care to prepare me for a profession in pharmacy.

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