Ithaca Chapter
Camille Christian

Hey! My name is Camille Christian. I am a Junior at Ithaca College, as a Legal studies and Business administration major with a concentration in International Business. When I am not studying, you can see me performing with my step team, having fun with my friends, singing karaoke or dancing. My passion is traveling; I’ve been to Canada, Jamaica, and many other places. I was born and raised in Springfield, MA and I am half Jamaican and half Indian. I am the President for Heart4Heart at Ithaca College. It’s a great experience being part of Heart4Heart because I get to help children in need. Not only do I get to help children but it helps create new friendships throughout the journey and change the world.

Vanessa O’Connor

Hi I’m Vanessa O’Connor. Now with only two years left in my college career, it is unbelievable how fast time flies and where life has taken me. Coming back from a semester abroad in London, I have been eager to rejoin Heart4Heart, which raises money and brings awareness, yet to provide surgery to kids with congenital heart disease. Another non-profit I am a part of is She’s the First, which fundraises and brings awareness about girl’s education in impoverished countries. Another organization I have been a part of for a while is The Studio is yet another on-campus activity that I have worked for since my freshman year and this involvement lets students produce, edit, and market their own Hollywood films. This semester I also will be teaching media literacy to High School students and older adults through Media Club, while also balancing being a member of a few professional organizations, cooking with the culinary club, or explore everything Ithaca has to offer!

Katie Adolph

My name is Katie Adolph and I am a senior Criminology major. This is my second year as a member and executive officer for heart 4 heart. I am also the Vice President. It is a great club with a really important cause. I am very passionate about helping these children in need whether it’s raising and sending funds or making bracelets and cards. This is a very feel-good club and I am excited to see what we can do this year!

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