Tulane Chapter
Max Zolberg


Hi, my name is Max Zolberg and I am a junior at Tulane double majoring in psychology and neuroscience. I am from Brooklyn, NY born and raised, but I've found a second home in New Orleans. Heart4Heart is an amazing cause that I am very proud to support. As our club's past leadership graduated and the club lost many members and much support, I took it upon myself to resurrect it because I recognized its importance and knew it has the potential to make a very substantial impact by saving children's lives. 

Max Brandell

Vice President

Hi my name is Max Brandell and I’m a sophomore studying Computer Science and Neuroscience at Tulane University. I’m from Queens, New York, where I enjoy bike riding and driving around with friends. In high school I led a Jewish youth group and used my position to help raise money for breast cancer, and I am excited to now help H4H in the same way. It feels much more rewarding to be able to more directly impact someone’s life who needs it and I’m honored and humbled by the opportunity.

Vice President

Jimmy Irwin

Hi I’m Jimmy Irwin and I’m a sophomore majoring in Environmental Studies. I grew up in San Diego where I surfed and played a lot of volleyball. So far I have been involved mostly in environment-related charities, but I am really excited to be involved with Heart4Heart. I joined because I saw how tangible of an impact each donation makes and I really wanted to be a part of an organization like that. I think that few organizations can say that they have had as concrete an effect as Heart4Heart has.

Connor Watson


Hi I am Connor Watson. I'm currently a Sophomore at Tulane majoring in Finance and Marketing. I've worked with an animal shelter the past two years. I am excited to join the Heart4Heart team.

Luciano Marchio


Hey all my name’s Luciano Marchio and I am a junior majoring in Political Science. My up-bringing always included some form of philanthropy whether it was volunteering at a summer camp, tutoring, donating, and participating in charitable walks.  My most recent philanthropic endeavor has allowed me to teach chess to the New Orleans youth. I am so excited for H4H because I will be able to extend my help to those abroad.

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