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Nour Salem



Hello there! My name is Nour Salem, I am a Kinesiology student at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. I identify as a Canadian Francophone, originally from Egypt. I am an aspiring doctor who’s intellectually curious and eager for knowledge. In my free time, I enjoy trying new things or exploring different places. I also enjoy doing charity work, one of many which I am honored to say was having the opportunity to work for refugees alongside Senate Ratna Omidvar and her team. Another great opportunity was coming across Heart 4 Heart charity. I am super excited to raise funds and awareness for our little angels and I can’t wait to see how this experience will shape a part of me. I strongly believe in the saying: “A man’s true wealth is the good he does in this world” and nothing is more satisfying than being a part of changing someone’s life for the better.

Masla Tahir

Vice President

Hi there! My name is Masla Tahir and I am currently in my second year of Life Science – Biological Science at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. As an immigrant from a developing country where adequate health care is not readily available to citizens, the consequence of being born with a congenital heart defect often means a death sentence. Having seen firsthand, the conditions that these children are raised in, I am very humbled and excited to be a part of Heart4Heart, a foundation that will help these children live long and healthy lives. Having been a part of numerous clubs and organizations, during high school, I hope to use these experiences to spread the H4H message throughout UOIT.

Asmaa Salem


Shah Zaib

Financial Controller

Hey! My name is Asmaa Salem; I am a Kinesiology Student at University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Oshawa Ontario. I am an ambitious person, I want to do anything and everything after undergrad graduation. I want to get my masters and PhD, I want to go to dentistry school, and I also want to start up my own business. I know all these things are achievable, and I will make them all happen. I was born and raised in Dubai UAE, but I am originally from Egypt. I moved to Canada in 2006, and I love everything about this country. I am also a creative person. I love making things, I love crafts, photography, and I love colors! I am a very social person, and I want to get involved and help out people as much as I can. I would really like to make a change and see this change make a positive impact. I also want to learn as much as I can along the way. I believe that experience is very important to build a person’s intelligence. I am very excited to be part of the Heart 4 heart team, and I really hope I can add to it.

Hello! I am a third-year student pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. I am well involved within his University community, as I have taken initiatives to join numerous clubs/groups. I am a hard-working individual, with over two years’ experience in a busy sales/marketing environment. I am a young Business candidate with a passion for giving back to the community and being involved.

President of Montreal Chapter

Abir Elziny

Financial Controller



My name is Abir Elziny. I am a third-year commerce student at University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT). I have a part time job at my university as a financial systems junior analyst. My hobbies are reading and swimming. I am hoping to major in Finance and to minor in Entrepreneurship. I see myself in the future as an entrepreneur. I want to be a part of Heart 4 Heart chapter because it is a great cause to be involved in. Saving children’s lives that are born with heart defects is a struggle to both the child and the family, and through Heart 4 Heart, I am glad we could all cooperate and ease this struggle. I hope that I can raise more awareness in my university about how we could help these kids and get the word out there.

Abdullah Tayeb

Events Coordinator

Hey there, my name is Abdullah. I am a fourth-year student majoring in Mechanical engineering at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. I have been an active volunteer at the Friends of Syria for the past two years. This year with Heart4Heart, it will be my second time to experience a new aspect in another volunteering mission. Apart from that, my hobbies are drawing, playing soccer and reading. I decided to join Heart4Heart because I found that I can relate to it. I had a Cardiac Catheterization surgery when I was only 2 months old and that was one of the main reason why I joined Heart 4 Heart. I am very excited to be able to connect with kids and help support them in every way possible.

Zubeda Merchant

Events Coordinator

Iftikhar Qamar


Hi my name is Iftikhar Qamar and I am currently studying Biological Sciences at UOIT. I grew in Mississauga and in my spare time I like to read, cook and just listen to music. Joining Heart 4 Heart is going to be a rewarding experience, as I would be given a chance to help a child and make a difference in someone’s life, which is very meaningful to me. I am honored to raise awareness about CHD. At Heart 4 Heart I will be contributing to an amazing cause and I cannot wait to make it as impactful as possible.

Hey, my name is Zubeda Merchant and I am a second-year student in the Biological Sciences- Life Science program. My plan is to pursue a career in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in order to support, help and better the lives of people suffering from congenital diseases especially since this is a type of illness that newborns are just born with. I joined Heart 4 Heart because it stands to empower children and their families who would otherwise not be able to afford such an extensive and expensive treatment. My major deals, with finding new ways to advance medical technology and medicine to make health care more accessible and affordable and I hope that through my work with heart4heart I will build up my experiences and see which areas of medicine require more attention so that I will be able to use my knowledge to fix, or make better those areas/loopholes to ensure that good healthcare is available for all children. I hope to make a huge difference by joining this club so that these children can grow and live a healthy life that I am so lucky to be blessed with.

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