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Heart 4 Heart is a student-run nonprofit organization driven by a mission to raise awareness about congenital heart disease (CHD) and to provide life- saving surgeries for children in various developing countries.

Our partnered organization, Gift of Life International (See below), facilitates the crucial surgical procedures that grant life to children in need. The money has been asked to be divided in such a way that 100% of our proceeds goes towards the care of the sponsered child:


  • Professional fees: $200 USD

  • Intensive care unit cost: $400 USD

  • Catheterization lab cost: $300 USD

  • X-ray cost: $100 USD


*figures are approximations which vary from child to child




A key distinguishing aspect of Heart 4 Heart is that we operate on the basis of fundraising for one specific child at a time assigned to us by Gift of Life International. Therefore, every dollar raised is directly used to provide surgery through Gift of Life International’s surgical missions to save one child at a time. We believe that promoting directness and eliminating anonymity renders enhanced personal responsibility and clarity of operations.


​Gift of Life International is a Rotarian-based program with the sole aim of providing care to children suffering from congenital heart defects. Over the past four decades Gift of Life International has provided medical aid and hope to more than 15,000 children from 67 countries spanning 5 continents. Having grown into an international movement, the rapidly expanding organization provides care to hundreds more children each year. Through strategic approaches, Gift of Life International has developed unique initiatives targeting crucial interaction among children, health care professionals and government officials. Core programs have been developed to empower medical professionals in select countries to provide reliable care while at simultaneously creating sustainable pediatric cardiac surgery and implementing aftercare programs.

For more information about Gift of Life International, visit their website

What We Do


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