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Andra B (president).heic
Andra Bacanu



Megan Olson.jpg
Megan Olson

VP External

Hello everyone! My name is Andra Bacanu and I am the president of Heart 4 Heart UofC. This year is very special for me given that I was able to step into this new role after being part of this club for two years as VP External. I am currently in my fifth and final year of my undergraduate degree, completing a combined degree program in Microbiology and Biological Anthropology. I love all things outdoors, and I recently started collecting some gear in preparation for the ski season! With an awesome new team, I am looking forward to a successful year! Please come meet us at our future club events, and be prepared to have fun, learn more about congenital heart disease, and contribute to a wonderful cause!

Hi everyone! My name is Megan Olson, and I am in my fourth year majoring in Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology! I am super excited to be back with this team as VP External! I can’t wait for some amazing events this year to raise funds to help children get access to the healthcare they need. I’m so grateful to be a part of such an amazing team that helps save little kiddos' lives. Keep an eye out for our events to get involved!

Maryam Nabil.jpg
Maryam Nabil

VP Communications


Cody Christensen.jpg
Cody Christensen

VP Fundraising

Hello! I’m a third year student and I’m excited to be joining the Heart 4 Heart UofC team this year as VP Communications. Being a part of this team will be the perfect outlet to share my passion for health advocacy specifically in paediatric cardiac health in underrepresented communities. I am looking forward to merging my interest in graphics and social media and my passion for medicine to raise awareness and advocate for these little kiddos that deserve a chance to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. If I’m not cooped up studying, I’m often volunteering in the community, exploring new languages, and spending time with friends and family.

Hi! I’m Cody and this will be my second year at UofC. I’m very excited to be joining Heart 4 Heart this year as VP Fundraising. I’m very interested in healthcare, and am looking forward to supporting Heart 4 Heart and its fundraising goals! When I’m not at UofC, I love to spend time outdoors! This typically includes rock climbing, snowboarding, and hiking or surfing when it’s warm enough!

Lucy Chen.png
Lucy Chen

VP Fundraising


Kavithra Karalasingham.jpg
Kavithra Karalasingham

VP External

Hello! My name is Lucy and I am a first year neuroscience student. I am delighted to join Heart 4 Heart this year as VP Fundraising. A little background information about me, I love to watch Netflix and play mobile games in my free time. I am definitely a night owl and often stay up late only to sleep in the morning after. I am passionate about providing health care to individuals who are in need, especially kids, who should spend their years careless and free instead of constrained in a hospital. I believe Heart 4 Heart's organization goals have the ability to make a difference by spreading awareness and providing resources for those who have congenital heart disease. I look forward to the amazing projects that Heart 4 Heart has to offer!

Hey! My name is Kavithra Karalasingham and I am in my 4th year of Biomedical Sciences. This is my second year as VP Events. My research in the under-recognized disorders of Long-COVID and POTS has inspired me to work toward improving patient care. H4H's mission precisely does this by providing children with the opportunity to live their lives without suffering from their health conditions. I look forward to seeing what the team can accomplish this year!

Emaan Waseem.jpg
Emaan Waseem

VP Events


Hey guys! My name is Emaan and I’m so excited to be a part of Heart for Heart UofC. I will be joining as VP Events. I recently graduated with a degree in business majoring in finance, and now I’m in open studies hoping to pursue a career in pharmacy. In my downtime I just like to relax and catch up on some shows or paint. I joined Heart 4 Heart because I believe every child deserves a chance to live a long healthy life, and Heart 4 Heart will make it possible for these children with heart diseases to receive treatment. I myself was fortunate enough to have free surgery in Canada for my heart surgery, and I believe these children should have the same chance.

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