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Jamie Rauser.heic
Jamie Rauser


Hello, my name is Jamie Rauser and I am one of your Co-Presidents for this year! I am now a fourth-year BSc student studying psychology and sociology, but I was immediately drawn to Heart4Heart in my first year of university by its goals of spreading awareness for congenital heart disease and helping children around the world. Outside of Heart4Heart, I love to listen to Taylor Swift and play the piano. I cannot wait to move forward this year with Siti to continue to spread awareness for CHD!

Siti Islam.JPG
Siti Islam


Hi, my name is Siti and I’m one of the Co-Presdients of H4H UAlberta. I’m in my fourth year of nursing but I have been volunteering with H4H since my first year. I joined the club because I find its goal of advocating and fundraising for underprivileged children with CHD to be incredibly meaningful and important. I wanted to contribute to this amazing cause and am pleased to be a part of the team. Besides my passion for child health and equity, I also enjoy trying new restaurants and travelling!

Amandeep Gehlan.PNG
Amandeep Gehlan

VP Social Media

Hey! My name is Amandeep and I am a fourth-year student in the Faculty of Science, studying biology and psychology. What I found fascinating about H4H was the advocacy not only for CHD awareness but also efforts toward medical support for the children affected. As VP of Social Media, I raise awareness for congenital heart disease through social media while keeping members and the community informed on upcoming events! In my free time, I enjoy playing sports, watching movies, and playing games. It is a great pleasure to work with the H4H team and I am eager to further our goals of awareness and fundraising throughout this upcoming year.

Parth Patel.jpeg
Parth Patel

VP Outreach

Hey, my name is Parth I am the VP Beach/Outreach and I am a fourth year student doing my Bachelor of Sciences, majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology. I am really passionate about healthcare and children’s health and Heart4Heart really drew my attention. Especially with its direct impact on the children who needed help and it really made me feel like I was making a strong impact and directly affecting the lives of people in need. I really enjoy working with the club and look forward to another year.

Shaista Goel

VP External

My name is Shaista Goel and I am the VP External for this year! I am in my second year of a BSc in Neuroscience. I joined Heart4Heart because I enjoy the tangible impact it creates through all the children we fund surgeries for. I am so ecstatic to continue to raise money and help children with CHD and be part of this amazing team! When I’m not studying for my classes, I enjoy baking and playing piano.

Danielle Tarabishi

VP Secretary

Hello! My name is Danielle Tarabishi and I am the VP Secretary for this year. I am now in my second year of BSc in biological sciences, minoring in Psychology. I joined Heart4Heart because I have empathy for children born in less fortunate circumstances, and wanted to be a part of a life changing team that focused on bettering their lives. Outside of Heart4Heart, you can find me going on long walks with my crazy husky, reading fantasies, or working on my art with some Taylor Swift in the background. I am very excited to have joined this team, and can’t wait to contribute in spreading awareness for CHD!

Ishrat Kamal.heic
Ishrat Kamal

VP Events

Hello, my name is Ishrat Kamal and I am the VP Events for this year! I am in my third year of the Nursing program. I joined Heart4Heart because of the impact it makes towards raising awareness and helping kids with congenital heart disease. I wanted to be part of that change and experience the meaningful difference we can make firsthand, so I can’t wait to get started and curate events to help raise money and awareness for this cause. Aside from studying and Heart4Heart, I love long walks outside, hiding out at the cat cafe, or trying out a new restaurant somewhere in the city!

Hannah Liu.jpg
Hannah Liu

VP Finance

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah Liu, and I just started my second year studying sciences and business at the University of Alberta. I love Heart4Heart’s mission of raising awareness and fundraising to finance surgery for kids with congenital heart disease around the world. My own little brother had heart surgery when he was younger, and I’ve seen how life-changing and truly amazing this procedure is. In my free time, I love playing guitar, volleyball, and checking out coffee shops with friends :)

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