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Misbah Headshot.JPEG
Misbah Mahal


My name is Misbah Mahal and I am an after degree student with a completed degree in science. I am the Co- President for Heart4Heart this year, which means I am involved in running the logistics of the group. I am passionate about advocating for CHD and helping university students make a direct impact on the lives of children who are suffering from medical illnesses. When I am not at university, I like to spend time on my farm riding horses and tending to my goats! I am excited to see what the rest of the year holds and I am honored to be part of such an amazing cause!

Andrea Headshot.jpg
Andrea Dumec


My name is Andrea and I'm in my 5th year of a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Psychology and minoring in Music. This year, I continue my role as Co-President alongside Misbah! In addition to volunteering my time to help the people around me, I love singing and playing the piano. Throughout this term, I look forward to working with the executive team to raise awareness about congenital heart disease and fundraise in support of thechildren in need.

Fiza Headshot.png
Fiza Ali

VP Finance

Hi! My name is Fiza and I am in my third year in the Faculty of Science majoring in Physiology. I joined the club because I loved that it raised awareness on an important issue that is not talked about a lot in Canada but is the #1 birth defect in the world - Congenital Heart Disease. Through the actions of this club underprivileged children are given a second chance at life. A fun fact about me is that I love to bake and my brothers claim I make the best chocolate in the world. As VP Finance for the heart4heart team, I’m responsible for the clubs' finances which include keeping track of financial records, applying for grants and approving club-related expenses.

Jamie Headshot.jpg
Jamie Rauser

VP Social Media

Hello, my name is Jamie Rauser and I am a second year student studying psychology and sociology. I was immediately drawn to Heart4Heart by its goals of spreading awareness for CHD and helping children around the world, which is how I eventually ended up with the role of VP Social Media. Outside of Heart4Heart I love to geek out over spooky films and play the piano. I cannot wait to move forward this year and continue to spread awareness for congenital heart disease!

Cindy Sun.png
Cindy Sun

VP External

Hi Friends! My name is Cindy Sun and I am a third year nursing student! I am passionate about advocacy, activism, and building connections which are found in the heart of the H4H organization! Aside from my SUN-ny personality and my endless collection of bunny sweaters, my favorite activities include knitting, sketching, and building my empire of succulents! As a leading advocate for children with CHD, H4H is an amazing organization that makes a difference in people’s lives! The success in activism and advocacy is truely inspirational and is directly attributed to the hard work and unwavering dedication from our amazing volunteers and exec team! I am so excited and honored to work with the H4H team as the VP External and I look forward to collaborating with the local and global (Glocal) community to further the mission of H4H!

Devika Shreekumar

VP Secretary

Hello! My name is Devika and I’m in my third year of General Science majoring in Biology. As the VP Secretary, I will be responsible for relaying communication between the executive team and members of Heart4Heart, so that everyone knows about upcoming events and ways to get involved. I hope to do my best to ensure that Heart4Heart can continue to raise more awareness about the experiences of people with CHD and provide more life-saving surgeries to children with CHD. I look forward to an amazing year with Heart4Heart!

Marina Cain

VP Events

Hello! My name is Marina and I am in my final year of my undergraduate degree studying psychology and sociology. As the VP Events, I will be responsible for planning and executing multiple events throughout the school year. I am very honored to be a part of such an impactful and important cause. Heart4Heart is an incredible organization as they are able to directly impact the lives of many by spreading awareness and raising money for life-saving surgeries. In my spare time I enjoy playing sports, and spending time with friends and family. I am looking forward to an amazing year with Heart4Heart!

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