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Sarah Beydoun


Hey loves, I’m Sarah, I’m in my last year doing my Honours in Anatomy and Cell Biology. I joined Heart4Heart because I wanted my efforts to change a child’s life! This is my fourth year working with the team and my second as President (let’s go!!). In my free time I enjoy looking at cell samples, just kidding, I don’t have free time ❤ I’m from Beirut, Lebanon, where all the best food comes from - you’re welcome 🙂 I speak 4 languages, I love cats but I’m allergic, also pineapple on pizza smacks. It’s such a delight to be working with the growing Heart4Heart exec team. Together, we’ll positively influence the McGill community and provide a child with the opportunity to live a long and healthy life.

President of Montreal Chapter

Diana McCorquodale - VP Finance.jpeg
Diana McCorquodale

VP Finance

My name is Diana and this is my second year on Heart4Heart! I’m originally from Burlington, Ontario and I’m in my fourth year studying biochemistry at McGill. I love travelling, going on adventures, and just experiencing new things. I am so excited to be a part of Heart4Heart and work with my amazing fellow execs for such an important cause. Looking forward to a great year and hope you’ll all be a part of it!

Hayley Yip

VP Internal

Hi everyone! I'm your VP Internal Hayley and this is my second year with Heart4Heart. I am in my third year at McGill studying Political Science and Sociology. I was born and raised in Hong Kong and moved to Vancouver during high school. Some of my interests include cooking, baking and I find grocery shoppings therapeutic, does anyone agree with me!! Some of my favourite shows include Spirited Away, Modern Family, and Legal High. I look forward to helping Heart4Heart and working with our amazing exec team to hold more events.

Peter Validakis - VP Fundraising.jpg
Peter Validakis

VP Fundraising

Hi everyone! My name is Peter and I am a U2 student in the Faculty of Management. I grew up in Athens, went on to live in Copenhagen for five years and have now been living in Montreal for almost eight years. I’m extremely pleased to be part of this great initiative and work with such a dedicated team. I’m grateful for the opportunity to help children in need and raise awareness about congenital heart disease overall. I’m excited for what’s ahead and hope to get others to be part of our cause.

Christine Sun.jpg
Christine Sun

VP External

Hi all! My name is Christine and I will be serving as your VP external. This is my first year with Heart4Heart and I joined to raise awareness for CHD in children alongside our amazing team. I’m from Richmond Hill, Ontario (basically Toronto lol) and I’m in my second year of MIMM. In my free time, I’m usually working in my lab, binge-watching Netflix shows or exploring restaurants. Looking forward to an exciting year with Heart4Heart and hope to see you all soon!

Injy Fouda .png
Injy Fouda

VP Media

Heyy, my name is Injy. I'm in my 4th year studying Cognitive Neuroscience! I love yoga, the gym, and trying out new food spots so if y’all ever want restaurant recommendations I got you 😉. I’m excited to be a part of Heart4Heart this year as VP media so I hope y’all enjoy my content!

Nicholas Sabelli .png
Nicholas Sabelli

VP Fundraising

Hey everyone, my name is Nick and I’m in my last year of Anatomy and Cell Biology. As an aspiring physician, I am so excited to be joining this dedicated team and I am motivated to make a difference and raise awareness for children in need! I was born and raised in Montreal and as you can probably tell from my picture,  (literally the only headshot I have of myself) I run track competitively and even for McGill. Despite my busy schedule, I will always find a night or two a week to relax at a cafe with a book or friends, and also for a restaurant! Some of the things that make me the happiest in life are FOOD, training, my friends, family, and my dog Lenny. I am looking forward to the year ahead with the Heart4Heart Foundation as VP of Fundraising!! 

Jerry Gao .jpg
Jerry Gao

VP Events

Hello! My name is Jerry and I’m from tiny little Oakville, Ontario. I’m a U2 majoring in Anatomy and Cell Biology. Outside of class, you can find me hiking, playing piano, and trying to find a working BIXI bike. If I’m not eating food, more often than not, I’m cooking it! Two useless facts about me: I have an irrational fear of going bald, and my doctor said I have defective valves or something. Also, I own a stethoscope to listen through walls.

Faisal Jaradat .png
Faisal Jaradat

VP Logistics

Hi my name is Faisal Jaradat, and I’m studying philosophy at McGill University. I enjoy challenging puzzles, reading, and chess. I’ve volunteered with children living with cerebral palsy in the past, and I’m grateful to create positive change by providing children living with CHD with an opportunity to live fulfilling lives.

Daham Hettiarachchi .jpg
Daham Hettiarachchi

VP Outreach

Hi! I’m Daham, a final year Anatomy & Cell Biology student from Sri Lanka (famous for our beaches, food, amazing sights, and wonderful people!😁).  I love playing chess, guitar (controversial opinion: Clapton > Hendrix 😬), going on early morning runs, and Martin Scorsese movies. I’m very grateful to call myself part of Heart4Heart and raise funds and awareness for children living with CHD. I look forward to the year ahead as your VP Outreach! Please feel free to reach out if you’re interested in getting involved!

Mexxie Giotsalitis

VP Outreach

My name is Mexxie Giotsalitis and I’m from Montreal. I’m in my first year at McGill, double majoring in Political Science and International Development. This is my first year as VP Outreach for Heart4Heart, and I look forward to working with all our incredible volunteers and executives for such a great cause. In my spare time, I enjoy going to a spin class and reading. My preferred genre is historical fiction, so recommendations are always welcome.

Rachel Castellarin

VP Outreach

Hey! My name is Rachel Castellarin and I’m from Toronto, Ontario. I’m in my first year at McGill in the general biomedical life sciences program hoping to major in physiology next year (although I haven’t decided yet!). I love travelling, sports (especially hockey), pasta, trying new things, and spending time with my family and friends. This is my first year being a part of Heart4Heart and I’m super excited to be working with amazing volunteers and executives for such an important cause that means a lot to me ❤️. I look forward to this semester ahead as one of the VP outreach’s! :)

H4H hands only transp red.png
Kaya Risch

VP Communications

Hey! My name is Kaya, and I’m your VP communications:). I’m originally from Ottawa, Ontario, and I’m currently studying Microbiology and Immunology. In my free time, I’m almost always either lifting at the gym, painting in my studio, or on Netflix checking out the newest anime. I look forward to working towards our cause with our amazing H4H team! <3

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