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Michel-Lloyd Kadji


Hey, my name is Michel-Lloyd (or Meech) and I am currently a fourth year student at the University of Ottawa studying Health Sciences. I have been lucky enough to visit and live in many places, but none for longer than the 10 years (and counting) that I have spent in Ottawa, Canada. However, the experiences I gathered from the other 9 years living in Quebec and Nairobi, Kenya also play huge parts in allowing me to become who I am today. Many of these experiences made it important for me to value the life I live regardless of passing struggles, because many others are not fortunate enough to live as long and as comfortably as I have. The opportunity to wake up everyday is a blessing in itself, and this is what motivated me to join Heart 4 Heart. The idea of saving lives around the world, along with my lifelong interest in sciences and the human body made it an obvious choice to get involved with this charity.

Elie Nehme

VP Treasurer

Hey! My name is Elie (pronounced Eli, why the "E" at the end? Couldn't tell you). Anyways, I'm Lebanese in my fourth year studying a BSc in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. I enjoy playing sports, fitness, and playing the guitar. I was born and raised in Ontario and over 19 years later I have yet to even get slightly used to the bipolar weather patterns here. I'm very fascinated by human anatomy and the physiology behind our systems and fond of studying the field of Biomechanics and other mechanically related Biophysics. Heart diseases have affected many people in my family lineage (pretty grim transition I know), and having seen almost firsthand how heart problems have affected my closest family made me realize just how strong yet fragile the heart can really be. This is why when I was approached with the opportunity to join Heart4Heart I didn't hesitate to join. I'm privileged to have a healthy and functioning body and I'm very proud to contribute what I can to this organization. I'm especially excited to see the difference we can make to help children around the world who suffer from CHD.

Taylor Carson

VP Event Coordinator

Hi! My name is Taylor Carson and I’m a fifth year student in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. Outside of school, I love watching and playing sports, especially hockey and baseball, working out, and listening to music. I’m a die hard Leafs and Sens fan which doesn’t make sense to many people, but I love seeing the reactions every time I mention it to someone. I joined Heart4Heart because I wanted to be able to help make a difference in the lives of kids with CHD, and their families. By working with a team of other dedicated and passionate individuals, we can no doubt help make that difference in the lives of these children suffering from CHD, and I’m very excited to be a part of this great initiative.

Armita Kalani

VP Outreach

Hello! My name is Armita Kalani and I am a fourth year student at the University of Ottawa studying Translational and Molecular Medicine. I am from Iran and recently immigrated to Canada so I am still integrating into the Canadian society and learning so much from my fellow Canadians every day (although still haven’t figured out how to play hockey)! I love gardening, baking and reading. Helping those in need has always been a passion of mine and in combination with my curiosity about the science behind the cardiovascular system, Heart4Heart became the perfect club to be involved in. Contributing to Heart4Heart saves a child’s life struggling with CHD, gives a shot to children to live healthy lives that many of us take for granted and brings hope to families who long to see their children grow. I am excited to see how much of an impact our team can make!

Natali El-Bouchi.jpg
Natali El-Bouchi

VP Outreach

Hey! My name is Natali and I’m currently in my fourth year of Biomedical Science at the University of Ottawa. I was born and raised in Ottawa. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, watching shows and sports, and trying new recipes! I joined Heart4Heart because I am passionate about accessibility to quality healthcare for all and helping others in need. I’m honoured and excited to create a direct impact with this team and help fund life-saving surgeries for children around the world suffering from congenital heart disease.

Taelim Broomfield.jpg
Taelim Broomfield

VP Event Organization

Hi, my name is Taelim, but most people call me Tae for short! I am currently in my fourth year studying general science at the University of Ottawa! Born in Korea, but EVERYONE always asks me north or south, so to clear the air, I’m from South Korea. When I’m not studying, I really enjoy staying active, right now I’m very involved in going to the gym plus intramurals on the side! Sports have really taught me so much about teamwork, dedication, and even laughter. I decided to join Heart 4 Heart after reading these children’s stories and the effect CHD has had on them. It really motivated me to be part of this community that’s actively working to provide funding and support to these children. I am really excited to see what this year holds and the difference we can make with such a great team!

Erin Peter.png
Erin Peter

VP Social Media

Hi, my name is Erin and I’m a fourth year Health Sciences student at the University of Ottawa. I’m originally from Toronto and have lived in Ottawa for the last two years. I enjoy reading, playing the piano, and working as a first responder. I decided to join Heart 4 Heart because I am passionate about the organization’s goal of helping children in developing nations receive care. My program and volunteering experiences have increased my interest in the impacts of the social determinants of health, and Heart 4 Heart provides students with the opportunity to effect change to these determinants on a global level. I look forward to working with the Heart 4 Heart team this year. 

Christina Nguyen Trinh.jpg
Christina Nguyen Trinh

VP Graphics

Hey! My name is Christina and I’m currently in my 4th year of health sciences. I was born and raised in Ottawa, ironically winter is my least favourite season. Whenever I have free time I love to journal, dance, binge Masterchef or try new restaurants. I’ve also been known to be a very competitive board game player (undefeated in katan). I joined Heart4Heart because I want to help alleviate the stress of not only the children but their families. Raising a child is a challenging journey on its own, and supporting a child with CHD adds an extra layer of complexity. Heart4heart allows me to help assist these families while raising more awareness about CHD.

Ana Spasojevic.jpg
Ana Spasojevic

VP Volunteer Coordinator

My name is Ana and I’m so excited to be the VP Volunteer Coordinator this year for Heart4Heart uOttawa! I am a fourth year student in the Translational & Molecular Medicine Program at the University of Ottawa. Outside of Heart4Heart, I enjoy traditional Serbian folk dance, playing the trumpet, and long-distance running. Through Heart4Heart, I hope to contribute to an international network of support for children in developing countries born with congenital heart defects.

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