Resides in: El Salvador

Age:  9 months old

Number of Family Members: 5 

Household Income: $20/day
Hospital: Hospital Benjamin Bloom

Surgery Date:  To be confirmed

Needed: $2500 USD

Sweet Arleth lives with her mother, grandmother, older brother and uncle in an area far from the capital city of San Salvador. Although she is a happy child, she is always tired and has been hospitalized several times in her short life due to her heart condition and related illnesses. Her mother was just recently informed that her daughter has a heart condition that requires surgery as soon as possible. Previously, her condition was undiagnosed despite numerous visits to clinics and local hospitals. Arleth’s grandmother is a teacher at the University and is the sole supporter of the family. Arleth’s mother stays home to care for her as she is frequently ill. This family prays each day for a miracle to save the life of sweet Arleth.

Current Projects: