Aliyah 2021 fall.png



Resides in: The Philippines

Age:  3 years old

Number of Family Members: 4 

Household Income: $3 per day
Hospital: Hospital De Los Santos

Surgery Date:  To be confirmed

Needed: $1000 USD

Three-year-old Aliyah lives with her family on a small island in the southern part of The Philippines.  There is no access to cardiac care on her island or any of the nearby surrounding islands.  Aliyah will need to travel by boat to Cebu City and then by airplane to Manila to have her heart healed.  Aliyah has always had difficulty gaining weight and growing due to her heart defects she was born with.  She also enjoys activities that do not require her to run since she tires easily.  Aliyah’s family is grateful for your assistance with the expenses to heal their daughter’s heart. They look forward to the day when they no longer need to worry and are able to see their daughter happy and able to play with her siblings and friends.

Current Projects: