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Resides in: Surigao, The Philippines

Age:  12 years old 

Needed: $2,500 USD for an interventional catheterization

Rhean lives on an island in the southern region of The Phillipines where there is very little access to medical care. She lives with her parents and 4 younger sisters. Rhean’s father is a construction worker and struggles to support his large family on his salary of $5 per day. Rhean was born with a heart defect known as Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA). She has been ill frequently her whole life. She is not able to play and do things a normal 12 year old does because she is short of breath and tires very quickly. Rhean’s parents have been searching for help for their daughter for many years. They are aware that she needs an interventional catheterization to heal her heart but have no way of funding the travel to Manila nor the cost of the procedure. They are eternally grateful for your help to heal Rhean’s heart.

Current Projects:
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