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Resides in: Cebu, Philippines

Age:  8 months old

Needed: $1000 USD for a diagnostic catheterization

As soon as Ciaz’s mother gave birth to her, she noticed that her baby had difficulty breathing. She took her to a local clinic where several tests where performed and it was determined that Ciaz was born with an enlarged heart and a heart defect known as Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA). Ciaz takes medicine daily for her heart ailment. Ciaz lives with her older sister, her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. They live in the southern region of The Philippines and struggle to support the basic needs of their family. Having a baby with a heart condition has added a tremendous burden financially and emotionally to this family. Your sponsorship will provide Ciaz with a diagnostic catheterization procedure which will allow for doctors to determine next steps in Ciaz’s journey to heal her heart.

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