Resides in: Uganda

Age:  2 years old

Number of Family Members: 8 

Household Income: $4/day
Hospital: Uganda Heart Institute

Surgery Date:  To be confirmed

Needed: $2500 USD

Jeremiah is the youngest of six children. His large family lives in a three room adobe home with no electricity. Both parents are farmers and work to support their large family with the basic necessities. Jeremiah looked healthy at birth but at six months of age he was always ill, always crying, uninterested in eating and was losing weight. His parents took him to a local hospital who said they could not help him and referred him elsewhere. That hospital also said they could not help and referred them to the Uganda Heart Institute. When they finally found a doctor who could help, Jeremiah was immediately medicated and is being closely monitored while waiting for surgery to close the hole in his little heart.

Current Projects: