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Resides in: Mitrovice, Kosova
Birth Date: August 27, 2014

Age:  3 years old

Number of Family Members: 6 

Household Income: $4/day
Hospital: Ospedale Pediatrico Genoa

Cath Date:  To be confirmed

Needed: $1300 CAD

Lea is a very smart and friendly 3-year-old. Her defect was diagnosed 90 days after she was born. Because of her heart condition, her development has slowed down and often causes her to have bronchitis. Going through these health issues has caused her to be a very nervous child. Her family of 6 members lives on a household income of only $4 per day. With 4 children and the stresses of Lea’s health issues, life has been difficult and leaves them struggling. The opportunity to have Lea’s heart healed would make them eternally thankful.

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